Mixing console SSL AWS 900+ Delta

Pro Tools HDX 32i/o


ATC SCM25A Pro, Yamaha NS-10, Genelec 8240ACM + 7260AP Subwoofer

Aviom studio monitor system


2x Neve 1081 preamp/EQ

1x Kush Elektra EQ

1x Kush Audio Clariphonic MS parallel EQ

6x API 512c preamp

2x API 550B EQ

2x Millennia HV-35s mic preamp (one preamp is not available, at service)

1x Tube Tech MEC1A preamp/compressor/EQ

1x Universal Audio LA2A compressor

2x Universal Audio 1176LN compressor

1x Neve 33609 stereo compressor

6x SSL Xrack dynamic module SuperAnalogue compressor

2x Empirical Labs Distressor EL8-X

1x Demeter Tube Mic Pre-amp (at service, not available)

1x Trident Audio Developments Stereo Limiter Compressor

1x BBE Sonic Maximizer 322

1x Lexicon 480L

Mic list:

1x Shure Beta 52
1x AKG D112
1x Yamaha subkick
1x Beyerdynamic M88
1x Electrovoice RE20
6x Shure SM57
4x Sennheiser MD421
1x Neumann KM184 stereokit
2x Royer 121
2x Coles 4038
2x AKG C414B
1 Manley Reference Cardioid mic (at service, not available)
1x Shure SM7
1x Neumann TLM49
1x Neumann M147 tube
2x Schoeps CMC5-UG
1x Neumann M149 Tube
1x Grosser U47


Guitar amps:

Hiwatt custom 100 DR103

Marshall JCM 800

Marshall 1960A JCM 900

Marshall 1960A JCM 800

Marshall 1960A (1976)

Marshall 1960B (70’s)

Marshall JMP MKII Super Lead 100 (1976) (at service, not available)

Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb

Fender Super Reverb-Amp

Fender Hot rod Deville 4x10


Roland Jazz Chorus 160 (1971)

Fender Blues DeLuxe 4x10

Peavey Classic 100 head 

Peavey Classic 4x10 cab


Bass amps:

Ampeg SVT-AV

Ampeg SVT-410HLF


Kawai grand piano, Steinway can be rented on request

Roland MP-600

Yamaha B-2R organ


M-audio axiom 61 midi keyboard

Clavia NordElektro 3 

Fender Rhodes 73 MkI


Drumset Sonor lite 6-piece w/ hardware.

På lager/ Storage room:

Yamaha maple custom 5-piece

Premier cabria 5-piece

Ludwig 22" stortromme

Pearl 14"x3 1/2" snare

Yamaha 14"x3 1/2" brass snare

Tama Superstar 14"x7 1/2" birch snare

Yamaha 13"x6 1/2" Steve Jordan sign. maple snare

Pearl 14"x5 1/2" Ian Paice sign. snare

Yamaha 14"x5 1/2" Dave Weckl sign. maple snare

Etter avtale/ by request:

Clavinet D6

Yamaha DX7

Yamaha YC-20

Other backline can be rented at local backline companies. 

Please contact Studio Manager Espen E. Jakobsen for a complete list of available equipment.